Business Laws B.Com 6Th Edition 2021 by Sushma Arora, Taxmann Publications


Author(s) Sushma Arora
Publisher Taxmann Publications
Edition 6th Edition 2021
ISBN 9789390831777
Pages 564
Binding Paperback
Language English
Publish Year March 2021
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This book is a comprehensive & authentic book on ‘Business Laws’, as per revised structure which was implemented from Academic Year 2019-20. The objective of this book is to impart basic knowledge of the important business laws relevant to conducting general business activities in physical and virtual spaces along-with relevant Case Laws. The learning outcomes for this book are as follows:
Understanding the basic aspects of contracts for the making the agreements, contracts and subsequently enter valid business propositions
Handle the execution of special contracts used in different types of business
Learn legitimate rights and obligations under the Sale of Goods Act
Acquire skills to initiate entrepreneurial ventures as LLP
Understand the fundamentals of Internet based activities under the Information and Technology Act
This book aims to fulfill the requirement of students pursuing the following courses:
[Paper BC 2.2 | B.Com. (Three-year/6-semester)] B.Com. (Prog.) registered with Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) under Regular Colleges
Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board
School of Open Learning | University of Delhi
Other Central Universities throughout India
Students of CA-Intermediate or Company Secretaries
The Present Publication is the 6th Edition, authored by Sushma Arora, with the following noteworthy features:
[Most amended] The current edition incorporates the following amendments:
Jammu & Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 (w.e.f. 31st October, 2019)
Provisions regarding incorporation of LLP have been updated in the Chapter on Formation and incorporation of LLP
The latest provisions regarding taxation treatment of LLP have been inserted for A.Y. 2020-21 & 2021-22 in the Chapter on Financial disclosures and taxation of LLP
Threshold for filing application for CIRP increased to 1 Crore as per 24th March, 2020 Notification
COVID-19 protection for LLP debtors as per 5th June, 2020 Notification has been incorporated in the Chapter on Winding up and Dissolution of LLP
The amendment to the Second Schedule of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (dated 5th March, 2019) has been inserted in the Chapter on Digital Signature
Under the Information Technology Act, 2000, the content regarding Certifying Authorities has been updated in the Chapter on Regulation of Certifying Authorities
The subject-matter is presented in a simple, systematic method along with comprehensive explanation of the concept and theories underlying business laws.
[Student-Oriented Book] This book has been developed, keeping in mind the following factors:
Interaction of the author/teacher with his/her students in the class-room
Shaped by the author/teachers experience of teaching the subject-matter at different levels
Reaction and responses of students have also been incorporated at different places in the book
[Incorporated examples/case studies] which are derived from Landmark Rulings
[Chapter-wise Case Laws] have been provided in the beginning of the book. It also covers the Case Laws recommended by the Dept. of Commerce, Delhi University
[Test questions/practical problems along-with hints & true/false questions] are given at the end of each chapter to provide students a thorough practice in solving examination questions
[Past examination question] for Business Laws have been provided at the end of the book for the reference of students, to have a clear idea of questions normally asked
B.Com. (Hons.) SEM I, 2011
B.Com. (Hons.) Part I/SEM I, 2012
B.Com. (Hons.) Part I/SEM I, 2013
B.Com. (Hons.) Part I/SEM I, 2014
B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS/SEM II, (May-June) 2016
B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS/SEM II, (May-June) 2017
B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS/SEM II, (May-June) 2018
B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS/SEM II, (May-June) 2019
B.Com. (Hons.) CBCS/SEM II, (August) 2020
The contents of the book are as follows:
Indian Contract Act, 1872
Nature, Meaning, Essential and Kinds of Contract
Offer and Acceptance
Competency of the Parties to Contract
Free Consent
Legality of Object and Consideration
Void Agreements and Contingent Contracts
Discharge of Contract
Quasi Contracts
Remedies for Breach of Contract
Indemnity and Guarantee
Contract of Bailment and Pledge
Contract of Agency
Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Nature and Formation of Contract of Sale
Conditions and Warranties
Transfer of Property
Performance of Contract of Sale
Unpaid Seller and his Rights
Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
Introduction to LLP: Nature and Scope
Formation and Incorporation of LLP
Partners and their Relations in LLP
Financial Disclosures and Taxation of LLP
Conversion to LLP
Winding up and Dissolution of LLP
Information Technology Act, 2000
Introduction to IT Act: Scope and Application
Digital Signature
Electronic Governance
Attribution, Acknowledgement and Despatch of Electronic Records
Regulation of Certifying Authorities
Cyber Contraventions, Adjudication, Appellate Tribunal and Offences
About the author
Sushma Arora
Sushma Arora is an Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce, University of Delhi. An alumnus of Daulat Ram College, she topped the B.Com. examination at Daulat Ram College in 1975 and is a Delhi University position holder. She is the awardee of National Merit Scholarship during her M.Com. course from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi and thereafter joined her alma mater as a faculty member. She has 35 years of teaching experience. She has participated in number of national and international seminars/conferences. Her areas of special interest are Business and Industrial Laws, Cost Accounting and Business Statistics.


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